December 3, 2014

Strategies for ending homelessness -- no time to waste

Ontario’s second Poverty Reduction Strategy identified ending homelessness as a long term goal, but stopped short of offering specifics as to how this goal would be approached. 

In the strategy, the Government stated its intent to “seek expert advice on how to define the problem, measure it, collect data, and set targets” (p. 35). 

Much work has already been done to define, measure, and set targets around the complex problem of homeless. While developing Ontario’s strategy will require time and thought, policymakers will be able to build on the good work already being done in Ontario municipalities, other provinces, and other countries around the world. The Government should be able build on this knowledge and outline a timeline and resource plan to end homelessness in Ontario in time for budget 2015-16.

This backgrounder surveys definitions, indicators and targets currently in use in Ontario and other jurisdictions.

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