May 15, 2014

Talking Jobs -- Ontario Election 2014

Ontario's into week two of a provincial election campaign. Maybe you have noticed.

The theme for the week seems to be jobs. And the Progressive Conservatives have captured headlines with two seemingly contradictory election promises. One is a pledge to create a million jobs over the next eight years. The second is to lay off 100,000 public sector workers over the next four years.

May 14 falls in the middle of week two of the election campaign. Community groups campaigning to have the minimum wage increased to $14 an hour are holding events on the 14th. The focus there is to make sure that jobs pay enough to lift you out of poverty if you are working full-time, full-year.

And the Bank of Canada just released a report calling into question the quality of jobs that have been created in Canada since the recession. Its seems alot of the new jobs are part-time. But people would like to be working full-time.

So the question for Governments and for political parties seeking to form Government is not just whether they have a plan to help create jobs but whether their plan supports the creation of decent, well-paying jobs.

The NDP plans targeted corporate tax credits to create jobs.

The Liberals jobs plan features a 10 year Jobs Prosperity Fund.

The Conservative plan includes a 30% corporate income tax cut, a promise to cut electricity rates, build roads and subways in the GTA all without raising taxes.

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