December 5, 2013

Ontario Needs a Bold New Poverty Reduction Strategy

December 4, 2013 marked the 5th anniversary of Ontario's Poverty Reduction Strategy.

To mark the occasion, I co-authored an article with Sarah Blackstock of the YWCA Toronto. The article appeared on-line in the Star.

In it we assess what has worked in the first PRS and where we need to go in the next Strategy, which is due now -- or at least before the end of March.

The first strategy, limited though it was, marked an historic step for Ontario. Never before had the Province set a target to reduce poverty. And though the target was not reached in the first five years, there was progress in reducing child poverty. That was despite the deep recession Ontario was plunged into just as the first strategy was released.

Time for Bold Action on Poverty Reduction
Now it is time to renew the strategy and set a target to go farther toward eradicating poverty in Ontario.

I have often heard politicians of all stripes tell me that they don't hear about poverty from their constituents. Here is an opportunity for you to let your MPP know you want to see bold action on poverty reduction.

Together Ontario has launched an on-line letter for individuals to sign and send to all three party leaders, with a copy to your own MPP. Take a moment to visit Together Ontario and sign the letter.

Many thanks.

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