March 27, 2013

MCCO's Recommendations for Poverty Reduction in Budget 2013

Budget 2013 is on its way.  The exact date is not yet known, but Ontario's Provincial Budget is expected to arrive mid to late April.  During the final two weeks of March, the Ministry of Finance held public consultations to hear what "people, organizations, associations and other [provincial] stakeholders" believe should be included in the budget. 

Though MCCO did not have the chance to participate in person, we did take the opportunity to provide input into this year's budget.  

Our recommendations, which come directly from the work we do with marginalized people in Ontario, include the following:
  • Increase the maximum Ontario Child Benefit to $1,310 a year per child in 2013 as originally planned and then index the OCB to inflation.
  • Increase the minimum wage, which has been frozen since 2010, and index it to inflation.
  • Make a down payment on the Social Assistance Review Commission’s recommendations:
           o  Raise social assistance rates for single adults by $100 a month and    
                    index rates to inflation. The Special Diet Allowance should be
           o Increase the earnings exemptions to $200/month before claw
                    backs begin. But this should not be accompanied by a
                    reduction or elimination of the Work-Related Benefit for
                    people receiving ODSP.
           o Increase the amount of assets people are allowed to have to qualify
                    for social assistance.
           o Allow single parents receiving social assistance to keep at least half
                    of every child support dollar they are entitled to receive and allow
                    them to decide whether or not to pursue child support.

  • Contribute permanent, annualized funding to municipalities to fully cover the amount that was cut when the Community Start-Up and Maintenance Benefit was rolled into the Community Homelessness Prevention Initiative.
  • Bolster support for community based initiatives that respond to all who have been impacted by crime.
You can click here to read the submission in its entirety or visit and check out "The Latest" for more communications.

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