January 22, 2013

Liberal Leadership Candidates commit to reduce poverty in Ontario

As part of ongoing communication with all political parties, the 25 in 5 Network for Poverty Reduction surveyed Ontario's Liberal Leadership candidates to find out what sort of commitments they are prepared to make regarding poverty reduction in our Province.

The results, (seen below or at this link) show that almost all candidates, including the two front-runners, Sandra Pupatello and Kathleen Wynne, are prepared to make significant commitments to income security, affordable housing and good jobs.

They've also committed to developing and implementing the next Poverty Reduction Strategy, which, as I've pointed out before, is due to be updated by the end of this year.

You can check out the 25in 5 press release here.  And a corresponding article from the Toronto Star here to learn more.

And, as always, why not take the opportunity to connect with our potential political leaders and encourage commitment on issues of poverty and inequality in our province.

If you are on e-mail you can contact the liberal leadership hopefuls and Opposition leaders at the following addresses and websites:

or why not send them a tweet:

Ask them more about their specific commitments to eradicating poverty and reducing inequality.

Tweet to the Liberal leadership candidates and Opposition leaders at these Twitter handles:
  • Eric Hoskins: @DrEricHoskins
  • Gerard Kennedy: @GKennedyOLP
  • Sandra Pupatello: @SandraPupatello
  • Charles Sousa: @SousaCharles
  • Harinder Takhar: @harindertakhar
  • Kathleen Wynne: @Kathleen_Wynne
  • Tim Hudak, PC Leader: @timhudak
  • Andrea Horwath, NDP Leader: @andreahorwath

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