October 18, 2011

Advocate for Change: Bill C-10 the Safe Streets and Communities Acti

MCC's Ottawa office is lobbying for changes to Bill C-10, the Safe Streets and Communities Act. Please have a look at the information below and take a moment to let your MP know you want this bill to receive careful consideration before it becomes law.

The Ottawa Office invites its constituents, friends and supporters to join us in expressing concern over Bill C-10, the Safe Streets and Communities Act.

Bill C-10 is an ambitious piece of legislation, totalling 102 pages that spell out amendments to 6 existing laws and the creation of one new law. It brings together nine separate initiatives that had been introduced in previous sessions of Parliament.

While the government insists that this bill “will target crime and terrorism and provide support and protection to victims of crime,” it is clear that these measures will primarily impact offenders and ex-offenders. Four of the nine initiatives in this bill propose longer or mandatory prison sentences, two would impose greater financial penalties, and two would create new barriers to reintegrating into society. In contrast, only two of the nine initiatives directly address the needs of victims, and none of the initiatives propose new crime prevention or rehabilitation strategies.

MCC’s programmatic experience in the field of restorative justice suggests that communities are not made saferwhen we focus almost all of our attention on the punishment of wrongdoers.

Given the significant potential impact of this legislation, all parties—and all Canadians—should have the opportunity to hear from witnesses and experts in the appropriate fields. Like all pieces of legislation, it can surely be improved through this process.

As Parliament studies and debates Bill C-10 in the coming days, we ask you to write to your Member of Parliament, urging them to:
  • Give careful consideration to Bill C-10 at every step of the legislative process. 
  • Encourage the government to direct resources to community-based justice initiatives that have been proven to enhance the safety of Canadians.

Click here to send an e-mail message directly to your Member of Parliament.
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