September 19, 2011

Let's Vote for a Poverty Free Ontario

MCCO Program Director Wenda Adema helps me
place a Let's Vote for a Poverty Free Ontario
sign at the MCCO office in Kitchener
There is a new election sign springing up on lawns across Ontario this fall. It does not ask you to vote for a particular politician. It says Let's Vote for a Poverty Free Ontario.

It is a part of a campaign to remind all the parties in this fall's provincial election of the commitment they made on May 6, 2009 when they voted unanimously to pass Ontario's Poverty Reduction Act.

We have signs available at MCCO's 50 Kent Ave. office in Kitchener if you would like to post one on your lawn or at your place of worship.

To learn more about this campaign and find out how to participate wherever you live in Ontario visit the Poverty Free Ontario website and ISARC's Faith to End Poverty website.

And check back here in the coming days for information on what Ontario's political parties propose to do about tackling poverty in Ontario if they form the next Provincial Government.

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  1. Vote with your life... Work for a Poverty Free Ontario