May 31, 2011

Talking to candidates

Carol Goar's article on painful lessons for anti-poverty activists got me wondering what was really on the mind of my neighbors during the federal election. So I decided to find out. How? Why not ask the candidates who ran for election what they heard on the doorsteps? After all, they just had a chance to talk

I talked it over with partners in the Poverty Free Waterloo Region Network. We decided to try to talk with candidates in Waterloo Region about what they heard going door-to-door during the campaign.

So far I have had a chance to talk with Stephen Woodworth, the Conservative candidate for Kitchener Centre (who got re-elected), and with Cathy MacLellan who ran for the Green Party in Kitchener-Waterloo. Other members of the group met with Peter Braid, Conservative candidate for K-W (who also got re-elected). Later this week, I'll be meeting with Karen Redman (Liberal, Kitchener Centre) and Peter Thurley (NDP, Kitchener Centre).

One thing Stephen and Cathy both said is that people were not talking about poverty -- at least not in those terms. In coming posts, I'll let you know what people did have to say to the candidates.

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