April 14, 2011

Some more election resources

Here are some federal election resources:

1. Check out MCC Ottawa's election primer with questions you can ask candidates. They are designed to get candidates thinking. Here is one example:
What will you do to ensure that Canada meets its commitments to upholding human rights standards?
2. Concerned about poverty in Canada and abroad? Make Poverty History offers 8 ways to make poverty an election issue.

3. Law and order. Community safety and crime prevention. Two different approaches to issues of crime and community. The Church Council on Justice and Corrections provides some thoughtful background and throught provoking questions for candidates:
Questions to ask candidates:
- Given that more than half of people in prison are non-violent and that more than a third have not been convicted of a crime, will you work toward safe and effective alternatives to costly imprisonment?
- How will you and your party reform the criminal justice system to be more fiscally responsible and to heal offenders, victims and communities?

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  1. An excellent resource is Ontario Tenants Rights