February 7, 2011

Building a Resilient Ontario

The 25 in 5 Network for Poverty Reduction made a submission to Ontario's pre-budget hearings.

It's recommends the most effective public investments to both stimulate the economy and help move people out of poverty.

Building a Resilient Ontario cautions against two challenges: allowing poverty to be put on the back burner and getting knocked off course during troubled economic times.

The kinds of public investments that the 25 in 5 Network recommends are things like
  • boosting incomes for adults on social assistance (along the lines of a $100 month healthy food supplement);
  • increasing the Ontario Child Benefit
  • boosting the minimum wage to $11 an hour and indexing it to inflation
  • funding education and retraining programs;
  • investing in the construction of new affordable housing
  • creating a new Ontario Housing Benefit to help low income households pay the rent;
  • expanding publicly funded preventive dental services to include adults
  • staying the course on early learning and child care
  • investing in public transit.
These are precisely the types of investments that protect people from poverty and help build resilient, inclusive communities.

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