November 24, 2010

Child Poverty Climbs in Ontario

The impact of the recession has shown up in the latest report on child poverty in Ontario. In 2008, the rate had climbed to 15.2%, reversing a trend of a slowly declining rate between 2004 and 2007. And if food bank demand which is more up to date is any indicator, the child poverty rate has likely risen through 2009  and 2010.

Campaign 2000's latest report card explains that child poverty would have been 40% higher if it had not been for government transfer programs, particulalry child benefits.

But the report urges the Government of Ontario to strengthen its commitment to reduce poverty in three ways:
  • Start the promised Social Assistance Review and raise adult rates with a $100 a month Healthy food Supplement;
  • Release the promised Long-Term Affordable Housing Strategy, including a new monthly Housing Benefit for low-income tenants;
  • Develop a Good Jobs Strategy in partnership with business and labour that leads to more full time permanent jobs with good pay and benefits.

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