September 29, 2010

Calling St. Vincent de Paul

On Wednesday, my diet consisted of oatmeal with raisins and some powdered milk for breakfast, a tuna wrap  and two cookies for lunch (more free food at a community event), and spaghetti for dinner with a few bites of brocoli, carrots and celery. I had coffee throughout the day at work and in the morning I had a cup of raspberry leaf and lemon balm tea  picked from my backyard and dried last year.

I find that so long as I have something to eat three times a day, I can manage.

But I have been troubled by the thought that in reality my housing costs would eat up my whole social assistance cheque for the month. So I put in a call to the coordinator of my church's St. Vincent de Paul Society to see what kind of food would be available to me through them. St. Vincent de Paul delivers food hampers with food received from the Waterloo Region Food Bank. Here is the list of what I would receive (if they have enough food on hand):

Milk (1 litre)
Canned soup
Pasta and Sauce
Canned vegetables
Frozen food (wieners or veggies or a frozen meal)

That's not too bad. That looks a bit like my $20 a week food budget. The only thing is that food hamper would have to last me the whole month, not just a week.

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